How to use Amazon CodeWhisperer for free for individual use and improve productivity

Ravindra Elicherla
2 min readApr 17, 2023
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Amazon did something amazing last week. Amazon made CodeWhisperer GA on April 13th and it is free for individual use. Individual Tier is free for Individual use with Unlimited code suggestions, reference tracking and free 50 security scans per user per month.

Here are the steps to connect to Amazon CodeWhisperer. I am using VS code for this.

  1. Search for CodeWhisperer in extensions and install AWS Toolkit.

2. Open the AWS Toolkit extension

3. You need to connect to AWS account now. When you click on start you see a window

4. If you do not have a builder id, create one. Please use your personal id. Now click on allow

You are almost done.

5. Now check the AWS extension in VS Code

6. Click on “Resume Auto Suggestions”. You are done now.

I created anagram code using Python. Including Unit Testing. Please ignore “GoCodeo” suggestions

Have fun coding.



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