Do you have right Scrum team?

Agile Teams
  1. Having multi skilled team.
  2. Being collaborative.
  1. No Collaboration and team with single skilled people: This is the worst combination for agile to be successful. Having just one skill creates dependency. Team being non collaborative, it would be difficult for the team members to depend on each other. The leads to chaos and eventually conflicts and failures. The result is team can’t stick to sprint commitments and team velocity is not predictable.
  2. Collaborative but narrowly skilled team members: As the team works together through highs and lows, there can be improved understanding among each other and eventually collaboration improves. However, as the team members have skills in just one or two areas, the dependency still exists. This brings super star culture as people feel over valued for their skills. There is difference between being advanced in a skill and knowing just one skill.
  3. Multi skilled but non collaborative: This is an interesting situation. The team is very well equipped with various skills but they don’t work well together. This is egocentric team. Work will get done but conflicts among team members may lead to lot of management intervention and non-value add time spent in resolving the issues. Strategic decision making may take more time because each individual puts more importance to own thoughts rather than merits in others views.
  4. Multi skilled and collaborative: This is the sweet spot and the dream combination for any agile delivery team. Sweet spot is more apparent sports. For example, in badminton this is the area of racket that when hit by shuttle cock, produces greatest momentum. This is not just about the racket, but also movement of the player, swing of racket, force of the shot. It is the combination of all factors that makes the shot perfect. In agile teams the combination of skill and collaboration brings maximum output with minimum interventions. This is the team usually self-organized, self-motivated and self-empowered.




Geek, Artist, Fitness enthusiast, Amateur investor and Simple human

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Ravindra Elicherla

Ravindra Elicherla

Geek, Artist, Fitness enthusiast, Amateur investor and Simple human

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