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Any business exists to solve a real human problem. It could be to increase speed, reduce cost, improve convenience, add pleasure to life or make the knowledge available at the fingertips. Technology often used to solve these business problems. But then why the design patterns are important? Typical challenges with IT system are Availability, Scalability, Resiliency, Data Management, Performance and Security. Before going into design patterns it is important to get clarity of these words.

Availability: Availability is the percentage of time system is up in a defined timeframe. A system can be down because of multiple reasons like software…

Analyzing stock data doesn’t require advanced coding skills. Using data to analyse investment or trading decisions take away emotions and often leads to a good choice. Before proceeding further, please read the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Stock prices vary based on many factors not just on past data. This article is no means to be used for investment advice and purely for educational purposes. Please speak to your financial advisor for any specific investment decisions.

Here, we will analyse Indian stocks and index. But this analysis can be used for any stocks in any country. …

Stock price forecasting helps in identifying where the stock moves in the next couple of days or weeks or at least shows the trend. The stock price depends on various factors to name a few —

Fundamental factors: Revenue, profits, market share, potential growth prospects of the business

External factors: Pandemics like Corona, Forex rates, Oil prices, Gold prices, Bond yields, Global stock markets

Technical factors: Price action, Volume, Moving averages, MACD (Moving average convergence divergence), RSI (Relative Strength Index), MFI (Money Flow Index), Pivot point, Derivatives Expiry dates, Options Open Interest, Futures prices

With or without these factors,

  1. Stock…

Being happy is a state where the mind feels pleasure and contentment at the same time. This is the state where the brain experiences stillness and yet motivated. While happiness is relative, few things are universally true.

“Happiness comes from standing on our promises”

  1. No Snooze in the morning:

First things first- before sleeping, if you tell your brain when you need to wake up, it listens without you having to use an alarm. All that matters is the intensity at which you tell your brain. If you hit the snooze button on your alarm, you are committing the biggest mistake of that day. You are not…

As a software engineer, you might be overwhelmed by new technologies, new design patterns, new architecture principles, new UI and API frameworks, new libraries, new way to implement software, new way to store the data... and the list goes on. There are few skills that are never out of fashion irrespective of what happens around you. Getting deeper understanding and practising these skills will make the career for Software engineers brighter.

1. Data Structures and Algorithms:

At the fundamental level, software programs, capture the data from various sources and present in a more readable and understandable format either for humans or for machines. If there…

Before you start reading this, do read how I passed two AWS exams in less than two months here. If you took a decision to write Cloud Practitioner certification exam, I assume you are keen to start your Cloud learning journey. It is indeed a great first step. Cloud Practitioner exam is a relatively easy exam to pass yet builds a foundation for your future cloud certifications. This is the only certification that can be done by anyone irrespective of the role that they play. It could be a developer, manager, Director, CTO, members from sales, purchasing, or financial teams.

AWS certification has been in my to-do list since 2017. Finally, Covid-19 lockdown gave an opportunity to work from home and I realized I am saving lot of driving time. I could also plan my morning time bit more effectively. In May 2020, I decided I should look at completing few certifications after we had successfully gone live with a brand new project in office.

AWS has been growing with astronomical numbers each quarter. Nothing else did seem more appropriate for me other than AWS. On May 25th I booked AWS cloud practitioner exam to take on June 6th and…

Prophet is open source project released by Facebook to forecast time series data based on an additive model where non-linear trends are fit with yearly, weekly, and daily seasonality, plus holiday effects. Additive model is non-parametric regression model.

Install Prophet:

Installing prophet is very easy (if you are lucky!!!). If you are using Anaconda,

conda install gcc

conda install -c conda-forge fbprophet

It has a dependency on PyStan. I struggled for few hours to get the version things sorted out. But you will eventually get there if you encountered any issues.

I am not covering any theory. You can find…

Scrum meetings play an important role in the success of agile teams. This is a recap of various meetings that are required for a scrum team to achieve its goal.

Let everyone try and find that as a result of daily prayer he adds something new to his life, something with which nothing can be compared. — Mahatma Gandhi

Daily Scrum: As the name suggests, this is a daily meeting and must be attended by every member of the scrum team. This is a meeting that should last for 15 minutes or less, at the same place and the same…

Text Classification

Text classification is a basic machine learning technique used to smartly classify text into different categories. There are plenty of use cases for text classification. Spam filtering, sentiment analysis, classify product reviews, drive the customer browsing behaviour depending what she searches or browses and targeted marketing based on what the customer does online etc. In this example, we will use supervised classification of text. It works on the principle of “training” and “validate” principle. We input labeled data to the machine learning algorithm to work on. After the algorithm is trained, we use the training dataset to understand accuracy of…

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